received 04.06


Poised to Succeed

The Renders is an all-girl band from Los Angeles. The members are Siuan (vox, guitar), Brooke (guitar/keyboard/vox), Nicole (drums) and Shannon (bass guitar/vox). The band is only a little more than a year old, but already have some amazing successes: an appearance on the Oxygen Channel's "Mr Romance" tv show, their song "Cheerleader in Vintage" was voted pop punk song of the day on garageband.com, and their song "Rewind" was recently used in a video about surfer girl Kim Mayer (www.jettygirl.com). It's just the kind of thing that can happen when four geniuses and self-identified music geeks come together to form a band.

Their 5-song debut Hi-Res was made on a home computer. The Renders sound is its own unique thread of three chord rock. Informed by the girls-in-the-garage era of the 60's, the stripped-down economy of 70's punk, and a dash of New Wave (think the Au Pairs), the arrangements are richly layered with instrumentation, wonderful choruses and the co-vocals of Siuan and Brooke. The lyrics are smart and push beyond the standard tropes of the "all-girl novelty act".

The ladies set out to do something "new, distinct, and potent" with The Renders and have succeeded beautifully at that.

By Christopher Dylan Massey + Church of Girl
Published 19. October. 2006