This Might Hurt
self released

Team Queen Riot

Intelligent, bold, heavy on the rock and post-punk… Triple Crème are the only band who can weave a Black Sabbath guitar refrain and reference a canopic jar on the same album.

Together for more than 7 years, the all-girl, all-queer Brooklyn, based quartet live ‘in service of the perfect wall of sound’. Their music is rich with guitars, aggressive unbridled beats, rich emotional expressions and substantive commentary about such important topics as classism, cooptation and the commercialization of (sub)cultures.

Triple Crème are the stuff of legends. We have seen them play twice – and know it to be true. They have been part of many festivals, too: Queercore Blitz East and West Coasts, Homo-a-Go-Go, Ladyfest Texas, Ladyfest Philly, Ladyfest NYC and CMJ Music Festival. They were a featured band "onQ Live", QTV, “Politics: A Pop Culture History” on VH1, they were included in the book Homocore: The Loud and Raucous Rise of Queer Rock and they won the GONYC Nightlife Award for best local band video for Team Queen (Directed by up and coming NYU film grad Leah Meyerhoff.


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TRIPLE CREME: This Might Hurt

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