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Latin Alternative!

Velvet Furyís is Yessi Q (Bass, vocals), Christa Rhoades (guitar, backing vocals) and Dahlia Deathstrike (drums, backing vocals). VF are part of Sacrementos "latin alternative" scene where artists perform their music in spanish with some english. VF does not shirk from the idea of "ethnic" music. Dahlia told the News Review "I'm not in denial, I'm proud of my culture, and we reflect our culture in some of our songs."

As a band, VF are hard working, independent band and travel a lot. They play shows all over CA and have even toured Mexico, while also doing their own promoting and merchandising. To date, Velvet fury have released a full length CD and two EPís.

VF's songs are straight-up punk rock with politically charged and clever lyrics that condem and play with stereotyping. Dahlia said "For a Latina, you're supposed to be married and have kids by the time you're 21 or 22. We wrote a song against that stereotype. There's also a stereotype that older men are after younger women. We wrote a song called 'Boy Toy' that flips that stereotype."

We hear they are a must see live act, and from the looks of their photos, they have a massive amount of fun doing what they do! They aim to entertain and drop latina science. They frequently themed shows where they dress up in appropriate costumes. They are an engaging and exciting band to watch.


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received 05.04

Hot Rockin’, Beer Drinkin’, Xicana Girls!

Velvet Fury are proud to be Northern California’s ONLY Xicana all-girl band! Based in Sacramento, Velvet Fury are Dahlia Deathstrike on Drums, Tuka on guitar and La Tigressa on bass and Vox.

Officially formed in September 2001, their name came from a combination of their attitudes, feminist views and musical influences. In those early days, Velvet Fury played punk rock, exclusively, but their latest release reveals some pop and nu-riotgrrrl sensibilities.

Velvet Fury’s lyrics are written and sung in English, Spanish & ‘Spanglish’ – a combo of both languages, and while this trio looks sweet as pie, you should know there are some words of warning involving a strap-on!

Hear Velvet Fury on the Radio Stars 1 and Punk Rock Girls playlists.