Watch My Body
received 04.06

Get Yr Raunch On

Velvet Underwear is Lizzie Stardust (Vox) and Yeti Popstar (Bleeps and Beats). The two met online in 2002 and quickly discovered their mutual affinity for no-fi electro noise.

VU released the Jet Set EP in 2003 and the Playmate EP in 2004 -- making them staples in the effervescent Brussels underground scene that includes other electro-lovlies such as Suspicious and Emma Peal. Early this year, VU joined forces with Mr Eagle Trash Cherry (Mr ETC) who lent guitar to their first full-length release Watch My Body on Krautpop! Records.

The songs on Watch My Body are an electro-punk masterpiece. Mr ETC's fuzzed-out guitar and Yeti's hard-driving beats and synths create music that is danceable, dripping with sensuality and driven home by Lizzie's detached and sultry voice. In contrast, VU's lyrics are light-hearted. Songs like "MTV Award" and "Tom C." poke fun at some of the more ridiculous aspects of American Culture.

By Christopher Dylan Massey + Church of Girl
Published 19. October. 2006