venom seeds
photo: marc broussely


received 08.06

Art Punk on High

London trio Venom Seeds are Riotmiloo (vox), Slideling (guitar) and The Cave Man Machine (drums). They are a hypospray of raw energy and talent. Authentic, artistic people, they are fueled by the love of art and the joy of creating a scene for themselves. Their music is influenced stylistically and philisophically by bands like Bikini Kill, Bratmobile, Godflesh, Hanin Elias, Minor Threat, Peaches, Red Aunts, Ronettes, Son House, The Gossip, and The White Stripes.

Venom Seeds draw on basic elements of alt.cock.rock to produce an angular, feral sound with luscious funk energy that makes you wanna dance. Riotmiloo lets loose her raucous riot grrrl howl over Slideling's bawdy slide guitar and mungo sonic discordance while the Cave Man Machine's savage backbeats careen into wanton rhythmic opposition.

Their shows are high-energy and equal parts seduction and trepidation. Like a blur of asian-silk, fishnets, big-ass boots, t-shirts, and sideburns confronting a dancefloor full of people twisting and writhing to their noises and someone getting naked (it happened).

By Christopher Dylan Massey + Church of Girl
Published 24 July 2007