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February 10, 2010

How is your New Year starting off? Time is flying around here at Church of Girl...

New Radio Stars are now featured in the Jukebox - and airing on Church of Girl's commercial free internet radio broadcast.

Butcher Birds
Shitting Glitter
Arthur Loves Plastic


October 28, 2009

Sorry it's been so long... but we're still here.

Over the summer - Church of Girl MOVED for the first time in 6 years! It took a lot of time and energy, but we are finally in our new home.

New Radio Stars will be announced November 1st - including The Art of Shooting. We have loved this band for more than half a decade - and are so excited about their brilliant new music. We only got a little taste of their upcoming full length release (out next spring) - but the songs are amazing.

And we're still completely in love with our AUGUST Radio Stars:

Mosh Mosh
Make Me

The Rescues


July 27, 2009

We were late making our July announcement, but what a month! We're completely taken with Zigmat; Mesmerized by Alice Dean; Enamored with Kissing Cousins; and feeling a lot of Portland Pride for The Angry Orts. They rock! Check out some of our favorite songs in the indie jukebox.

We listened to so much music last month – and added a ton to Church of Girl Radio! In addition to new Radio Stars, we also met Jen Youngs and added her fantastic song ‘Work it Out’ to the station, plus ‘Will Remember’ and ‘Love Baby Love’. We’re expecting great things from Jen in the coming year! Ella also sent her debut single ‘So Love’ that will be featured on her forthcoming full length. We also received music from Ashley Lennon Thomas. Her new release is quite beautiful; we especially liked the track ‘More Bones’. We also wanted to shout out to Breaker! We added one of the songs from your EP (‘Get Up!’).

And last, but certainly not least, new tracks from Cherry 2000 and the hard working, hard rockin’ All or Nothing H.C. Learn more by reading our interview with Renae Bryant.

June 13, 2009

We're falling harder for Star Anna and made her a Radio Star! She's in great company with returning Radio Star, Kristi Rae.

Church of Girl Program Directors are also pleased to introduce The Hysterical Injury from Bath UK and the elegantly understated Heather Kropf who lives in Pittsburgh. New music is airing on Church of Girl Radio and select songs have been added to the Indie-Jukebox.

We received a small pile of music for July's announcement - and excited to check out more than a dozen new bands and artists from all over the globe.

May 15, 2009

Have you tuned in to Church of Girl Radio lately? We're getting lots of positive feedback about the new free-form radio format. We're very pleased to report that CoG Radio is now a 100% submission based broadcast. We would love to hear from you, too! girl @ churchofgirl.com

We adore our May Radio Stars:

Camille Davila
Arrica Rose
So Shush
Zombina and the Skeletones

April 21, 2009

Hello! You haven't heard much from us in the form of Radio Star Reviews or new Interviews for a while - and we hate that, but Church of Girl does have exciting news to share ... We are in the process of re-designing things around here and will launch the new website before the end of 2009. And even more exciting . . . we are searching for a permanent home for Church of Girl and will be moving from our live/work space in SE Portland where we have operated for nearly a decade.

If you love what we do and want to support us with the donation of a few U.S. Dollars - please PayPal to girl@churchofgirl.com. xo

Four new Radio Stars were added to Church of Girl Radio a few weeks ago - maybe you've heard some of the new songs? The jukebox will be updated this weekend.

Lot Lizards
Jenny Gillespie
Rachel Garlin

We are also extending big thank you to John DeGregorio at Decorative Records who sent us a copy of the Sky So Grey Compilation. John is also the guitarist for Amber Spyglass - one of our favorite bands after our first listen to the CD!


March 8, 2009

We can hardly believe Church of Girl is approaching 9 years online! We launched Church of Girl Radio on August 22, 2000 and have grown into one of the internet's finest submission based independent broadcasts.

We're excited to introduce you to new Radio Stars, Horde of Two, featuring Wendy Atkinson (June 2007 Radio Star) and David Lester of Mecca Normal! Their latest release, Guitar & Bass Actions is superb + highly enjoyable!

We are also happy to announce returning Radio Stars, Wasabi Devils! We first met Dan and Keiko in January 2004 and we love what they have been up to as evidenced on their new self-titled CD.

And Davina Robinson! This Philadelphia, PA "Rock n' Soul Chick" is currently living in Osaka, Japan. Her powerhouse blend of rock, soul and wild woman attitude evokes thoughts of Mother's Finest and Betty Davis. Catch Davina on the Power Pop and Metal shows on Church of Girl Radio.

xo + xo

February 25, 2009

February has been a busy month for us at Church of Girl! We're scheming and dreaming about the new re-design of CoG. Anything you would like to see? Let us know.

Our February Radio Star announcement features three returning Radio Stars:

Arthur Loves Plastic
Norine Braun
Elisa Flynn

and two new Radio Stars:

Girl Loves Distortion
Her Vanished Grace

Our March announcement is just around the corner. xo

January 4, 2009

Happy New Year! What an exciting one 2008 was! Such GREAT music and new cool features added at Church of Girl (Indie Music Jukebox / Video Jukebox)

We are proud to have three returning Radio Stars for our January Announcement!

The Trucks

Church of Girl was one of the very first media outlets to learn about The Trucks. Having worked with Kristin Allen-Zito's publicist in the Summer of 2005, she was telling us about the wonder that WAS The Trucks long before our Interview with Marissa in January 2007.

The Trucks decided to 'call it a day' earlier this year. The majorly talented all-female lineup played their last two shows this Fall: November 7th at the Siren Nation festival - and November 8th in their hometown of Bellingham Washington.

A little birdie at their record label, Clickpop told us the good news that "there is a project still in the works that is described as 'too long for an EP but not quite an album,' containing all new material although there is no release timetable in place."

We're pretty sure we'll hear something from these amazing ladies a little later down the road. We'll be keeping our fingers crossed ...


Levator's music has the ability to alter the passage of time and penetrate all your dimly lit spaces.

We are very excited about their new release, The Biggest Waves Come at Night. The Seattle area trio are hitting the road on a west-coast tour at the end of the month and will be on the road for most of February. Check their tour calendar for dates and venues. ____________________________________________________

Shitting Glitter

We are also excited to announce the release of Shitting Glitter's latest effort, Open for Business. The Los Angeles based group are down to two original founding members, Amy and Devin, and have multiple releases planned for 2009.

We also added songs from Stark's latest release, Put It To Your Head which is out now on Kicking and Screaming Music.

December 6, 2008

It is our distinct pleasure to re-announce Northern State as Radio Stars this December. They sent in their first album to us back in February, 2004 - Dying in Stereo which we loved and loved and played the hell out of. Since then, the three best friends have outdone themselves... Their new album, Can I Keep This Pen is a masterpiece. We are also thrilled about H is for Hellgates new release Come for the Peaks, Stay for the Valleys, as well as one new Radio Star, Silk & Olive, from Portland, OR.

Northern State
Silk & Olive
H is for Hellgate

We also want to extend a huge thanks to these artists or thier agents for introducing us to their music: Boggie, Robin Avery, and the lovely boys of Black Swan Green! See you in the new year...

November 21, 2008

We're incredibly excited about our November Radio Stars! Special thanks to Tocado Records for the package of CD's and introductions to three fabulous new Radio Stars: Pony Pack, The Suicidal Birds and Lushus! We are also loving the all-lady group, Blue Rabbit out of the Bay Area. And rounding out the November lineup are returning Radio Stars, The Lost Patrol - with new frontwoman, Molly Isreal. We hope to hear what their former lead singer, Danielle Kimak Staus is up to next.

Pony Pack
The Suicidal Birds
Blue Rabbit
The Lost Patrol

Thanks, also to Olenka and Cailyn for sending their music to Church of Girl. Check 'em out!

October 7, 2008

I have been doing A LOT of work to help with the Siren Nation music festival happening November 3 - 9 in Portland. It's impacting the Church work a little - but as a team, we're still keeping great new music coming your way!

New Radio Stars in October:

Magic Johnson

Plus, new music from:

Valorie Miller
The Maypool
New Arrivals *MPress Compilation

We are also planning on updating Church of Girl for 2009, including a new weekly radio format (instead of the 24-hour a day schedule we have been working with for the last 8 years!).

Are there things you would like to see come to life at CoG in 2009? Please let us know :) girl@churchofgirl.com

September 6, 2008

It's September already. How can that be? We're excited to announce our Radio Stars for the month:

Venus Bogardus
Malcolm Rollick

And we are also thrilled to introduce you to five other emerging artists who sent their music to Church of Girl.

Kay Rose
This Reporter
Ndidi Onukwulu
Christa Couture
Kensington Prairie

Music from all of our new artists are airing on Church of Girl Radio.

August 5

August Radio Stars were just announced and we couldn't be more excited about the Beangrowers new release: Not in a Million Lovers. Brilliant. And Morgan Graces has outdone herself on her new release, Unplugged.

Morgan Grace
Ruby Rendrag

5. July. 2008

June and July Radio Stars are currently airing:

Lisa Cerbone
Atomic Bitch
Brooke Fraser
The Watson Twins

We added tracks from these artists into the rotation, too!

Niki Kwik
China Blak
Reina Collins
Kelly Zullo

21. May. 2008

New Radio Stars were announced the first week of May:

- Renminbi - Amazing! The new CD released on my birthday!
- Kissing Cousins - Most excellent all-female band out of Silverlake, CA
- Lilygun - Monumental new single from London UK Alternative Rock Stars
- Arthur Loves Plastic - Dreamy new release from our favorite lady mixtress
- Childhood Friends - Raw tracks from Portland's Experimental Goth Duo
- Holly Long - Shoegazing Americana from Venice, CA

Other new additions to Church of Girl Radio in the Month of May include independent artists:

- LVNMUZIQ - Liz Snavely, aggressive urban folk musician, blending folk + classical
- Rachelle Ramm -
ROCK GODDESS. grrrrrrrrr
- Ashley Lennon Thomas
- A little bit country - beautiful and sweet

Church of Girl is an independently owned and operated online radio station featuring independent music sent in from emerging artists and bands all around the world.

Thank you to everyone who sent in their music this month, including Kelly Zullo and Omega Bugembe Okello!

In other news, new Ladymade inventory is now available! Check out all the new designs - including the new reused / recycled jewelry line made from repurposed plastic containers! Ladymade is now offering custom pet portrait jewelry created from your favorite photos!

25. April. 2008

We love our April Radio Stars!

Ghost Bees
Jeneen Terrana

We also added music from these talented artists:

Annie Barker
Brittney Elizabeth
Sarah Vonderhaar
Gretchen Phillips

March 1, 2008

Hi there,
Thanks for coming here to read this and find out what has been happening around Church of Girl lately. It's been busy. REAL busy. It's all the good kind of busy - but it's been keeping us away from so many of our Church duties...

New Radio Stars in March:

The Lisps
Heidi Mortenson
Bettina Schelker

I also really love the music sent to Church of Girl Radio by Star Anna and Rachel Taylor Brown for this month's announcement. We added many of their songs to Church of Girl Radio and added both artists to our indie music jukebox.

For March, we are also proud to introduce you to Jen Swartout. We met Jen so many years ago when we lived in Atlanta. Check out Jen on the Mellow hour. We also added songs from Eliza Neals and Keldamuzik.


Mary Ann

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